So what's this all about?

Astra Aura is about travel, but it's also not about travel at all.

Astra Aura is about leading an empowered life full of self-reflection, inspiration, and fearless action.

Astra Aura is here to discuss how traveling and living abroad can be used as a tool for awareness, personal development, and ultimately — as a stepping stone to self-empowerment.

But Astra Aura will also show you that you can have a magical life of spiritual growth and soulful adventure no matter where you are in the world, without ever getting on a plane.

Astra Aura was created from a life full of art, adventure, & self-reflection...

Read the origin story.

and learn more about Brenna's life, her upbringing, and her challenges, passions, and dreams. 

Our Mission:

To inspire travelers to explore the world with an open mind and the deepest respect for other cultures, beliefs, traditions, and ways of life.

To support exchange students and expats during all phases of living abroad and returning home.

To empower Nomads-at-Heart to live in alignment with their Higher Selves, so that they may serve the world with their natural talents and inner wisdom.

Photo by  Elizabeth Glenn

My Astrology Chart:

Pisces Sun, Taurus Ascendant, Cancer Moon

Places I've called Home:

(1) Houston, Texas (2) Stavanger, Norway (3) London, England (4) Stillwater, Oklahoma (5) Catamarca, Argentina (6) Lawrence, Kansas (7) Kansas City, Missouri

My Perfect Sunday:

Eat brunch, walk to an art museum, nap in a hammock, work on creative projects in an inspiring coffee shop, soak for way too long in the bath, catch up with friends & family.

Turning Strangers into Friends:

Sitting outside Bartola Corner in Palermo-Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Listening to live music at Organico in Montezuma, Costa Rica; Standing in the alley outside the Duke of York in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Favorite Art Movements:

Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Color Field Painting, Pop ArtDadaism

Currently Reading:

Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit


Meet Your Guide –
Brenna Paxton

Hey there! I'm Brenna and I am the creator and nomad behind Astra Aura. 

In 2009, I moved to Argentina as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. Since then, I've been devoted to helping other exchange students have the most successful experiences abroad possible. I've lead and facilitated countless camps and workshops for thousands of exchange students, and I especially love guiding and supporting exchange students after they return "home."

How? By helping them integrate their exchange experiences with their dreams and goals to create an intentional and empowered life that makes every day feel like an epic, wild, and soul-filling adventure.

Ever since I can remember, I've been making art out of anything and everything, singing & playing music, and dancing around the house in my pajamas. I've always had an endless fascination with world religions, and I've been reading Tarot, practicing color therapy, manifesting my intentions, and learning about lucid dreaming since I was 14 years old. Now, I'm also a reiki practitioner and I infuse all of my creations with reiki healing energy, good vibes, and lots of magic!

Astra Aura lives where my love for travel overlaps with my spirituality. I truly believe that each exchange student, expat, study abroad student, and traveler can change the world in more ways than they ever imagined. It starts with doing the inner self-work necessary to become an empowered individual, capable of spreading peace, awareness, compassion, and love to every corner of the globe.

I can help guide you on this exciting journey of turning your time abroad into a spiritual awakening. Let's do it together and see where it takes us... after all, the best adventures are the ones you stumble upon while following your intuition 😉

Much Love, as always,



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