a New Philosophy of Travel
for a New Era of Nomads

Come Home to Yourself


Traveling and living abroad can be a huge catalyst for personal + societal transformation.

But if we don’t travel with intention, wanderlust can become a tool for escapism that only brings temporary happiness.



Wanderlust is fleeting. Wanderlove is a way of Being.





The Seven
Metaphysical Stages
of Culture Shock


The Four-Phase model of Culture Shock most people refer to was first proposed in 1954.

A lot has changed since then – SO IT’s time for an updated perspective on Culture Shock.

  1. Anticipatory Excitement + Anxiety

  2. Immersion into New Cultural Experience

  3. Deconditioning from Previous Cultural Programming

  4. Deconstruction of Self

  5. Existential Identity Crisis

  6. Reconditioning to New Cultural Programming

  7. Reconstruction of Self

in today’s world, culture shock isn’t an experience reserved only for people who travel internationally or live abroad.

intercultural experiences are a part of most people’s daily lives — online & within our own communities — but we have not had the tools to navigate culture shock intentionally… until now.

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 What does it mean to “Come Home to YourSelf”?

To be at Home within your Self is to be Integrated and Embodied.


Different locations and lifestyles bring deeper awareness of different parts of ourselves. Which is why we feel more ourselves in some places than we do in others.

Different cultures are aligned with different energies and values, which is why we feel more at Home in some places than we do elsewhere.

Rather than only looking to external circumstances to help us feel the most ourselves and the most at Home, we can use culture shock as a way to cultivate deeper awareness of who we really are, and to live in greater alignment with that Truth –

no matter where in the world we are.



“Home” is not a place to be found. It is a feeling to be cultivated.



the podcast

Finally, a Home for the Nomads at Heart —

where travel, study abroad, and intercultural living overlap with spirituality, Metaphysics, and self development.




The Process
of Integration

To be Integrated is to have A deep awareness of who we are, and to align our lives accordingly to that Truth. Culture shock can be a POWERFUL tool for developing that awareness.


The Practice of Embodiment

TO BE TRULY EMBODIED IS TO BE YOUR EARTHLY SELF AND YOUR ASTRAL SELF AT THE SAME TIME — To be at home in your heart no matter where you wander.

But this abstract concept can be confusing to apply to daily life, So we developed a daily practice to help guide your journey towards Embodiment.

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The Philosophy 


Oh Hey, Friends!

Let’s use culture shock as a way to understand ourselves and the world more deeply.