I traveled the world to find a place to call Home, only to discover it had been with me all along—always with me, reflected back to me—through the eyes of strangers turned family.

I went on a crusade to protect those whom I love. To support them, uplift them, help them feel Seen and Understood. So much struggle, so much pain, I couldn’t bare those saying “I can’t handle this place.”

And so I studied, asked questions, listened, and prayed. I’m here for the souls who have lost their way. Or really, for those who Know who they are, but have forgotten their path back to their Home star.

I am a guide, a mystic, a friend – your sister. A lover who fights for the dreams we long to remember. Take my hand, I’ll bring you back Home – into your Heart, where you’ll never be alone.

The Time is Now for a new kind of Earth. Where your Truth is embodied – a powerful force. The fear they’ve been spreading is all an illusion, together we’re ready to bring the revolution.

Brenna Paxton is...

The mystiC

I’ve been endlessly fascinated with all types of spiritual beliefs and metaphysical topics since the moment I was born… or really, since before I was born, since I remember many various past lives and otherworldly experiences. 😉👽✌️I was first drawn to chromotherapy when I was young, which lead me to practicing and learning about reiki energy healing and tarot by the time I was 13. Since then, I have been able to cultivate my ability to channel, astral travel, and within the past few years I have been diving deeper into Hellenistic Astrology, studying under Regina Compernole, who learned from Demetra George. I experience my psychic-ness in many different ways, but I most resonate with being clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient.


The Nomad.

One of my first memories was an experience of culture shock after returning from living in Norway and England with my family as a young child. My family’s experiences abroad and their open-minded approach to life allowed me to always understand that there was a big huge world out there to explore with an endless amount of incredible souls to meet and learn from. I eventually had the opportunity to become a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Argentina for a year when I was 18, from August 2009 to July 2010. ✈️ 🌎 After returning to the United States, I spent many years leading camps, workshops, and sessions for hundreds of younger exchange students to help them prepare for moving abroad, supporting them while away, then helping them reintegrate into their native cultures and navigate reverse culture shock.


The Muse.

I feel the most myself when I am creating – painting, singing, writing, dancing… I love it all, and I consider myself an Artist above all else. The cosmos never ceases to inspire me, and I find peace and fulfillment in noticing the seemingly mundane details of life that are intrinsically divine, which never fail to catch my attention (and that means my Camera Roll always has at least 8,792 photos in it, oops). From the age of 4 to 18, I was completely consumed by vocal practices, dance classes, musical theater rehearsals, and art lessons. 🎨🎤💃🏻 I’d spend my free time painting with light and long exposures in open fields, writing songs on the piano, and collaging images together in Photoshop. When it came time to find a “viable career option” for the future, graphic design landed in my lap, and I immediately knew it was the right pursuit. I earned a BFA in Visual Communication and have been an Art Director for concert venues, art galleries, non-profits, and international brands and businesses. But more recently I’ve returned to being the Artist I’ve always been, deep within my heart.


The Activist.

I am a white, heteronormative, able-bodied, upper-middle-class woman, and I want to immediately acknowledge – right here, right now – the incredible amount of privilege I was born into. Because of this, I am committed to learning from the true activists of our country – the people who have been systematically oppressed and unfairly dehumanized by the disgraceful history of my ancestors and many of my present-day peers. I am devoted to listening to these wise souls who persevere with incredible strength to fight for the world every human deserves to live in. 🔥⚡️ I am constantly working towards deconditioning from the societal programming that subconsciously causes me to uphold institutionalized racism, amongst the many other ways I am unintentionally complicit in perpetuating these systems.



Astra Aura donates 20% of all proceeds to causes & organizations working to dismantle the patriarchal white supremacist system.

10% of proceeds always goes towards reparations for black & indigenous people of color.

another 10% is devoted to one specific cause, which is selected quarterly.

The summer 2019 cause will be announced soon!



Super Official Biography

Brenna Paxton is an artist and mystic who has been studying tarot, chromotherapy, reiki energy healing for over 15 years. As the creator of Astra Aura, Brenna incorporates astrology and channeled guidance to support your commitment to personal and societal transformation.

Based on her experiences of living abroad and the past 10 years of learning from and mentoring hundreds of high school exchange students, Brenna also shares her metaphysical perspective on culture shock as the host of the Nomad at Heart podcast.